Here are all of my latest projects.


A web app that identifies songs in a movie or TV show and displays their Youtube videos


A Chrome plugin that uses Natural Language Processing to recommend political articles outside your bubble

Text Classification

A classifier that labels Project Gutenberg text excerpts as Children, History, Science, or Religion


A project I created from scratch as Head TA of CS 61C on Cache implementation, optimization, and coherency

Counting Crowds

A confidence interval constructed with stratified sampling techniques to estimate the size of a protest

US Election Results

A classifier that predicts whether each county in the United States will vote Democrat or Republican

Household Expenditures

A randomized sampling experiment to learn if higher level education increases your income

Visual Object Recognition

A reproduction of a popular study that tests if similar objects light up the same part of the brain


A classifier to detect the onset of Type II diabetes, based off results from parametric and nonparametric tests